"Wow! That was awesome!

You are the best magician we have ever booked."

-Jessica Aug 15, 2015
(Administrator, Flower Mound Child Daycare)

"Henry" was VERY funny and the crowd laughed uncontrollably."
- Carl Jones

"When Henry is looking around for the card at the end, it cracked me up." - Marsha J.

"When the cards flew out of the bag the children went crazy. It was like the 4th of July." - Judy C.

Credit Cards and PayPal Accepted


Actual unsolicited comments recently posted, about Mica, on Verizon Superpages

"I feel it is a way to give your children, or even adults a show that they will remember for a lifetime. I would definitely use them again."

"The birthday boy's comments about the show were 'Can they come to my parties every year'."

"They were not only funny and entertaining for the children, but also the adults."

"The show was wonderful!"

"All the parents were laughing at the end of the show, and commenting on how wonderful it was."

Mica and "Henry"

- Mica's puppet friend, "Henry," performs a card trick that has adults and children rolling with laughter. By the time the trick is finished there are cards all over the floor. And yet Henry manages to save the day and still produce the card previously chosen by a member of the audience.

Mica appeared on Peppermint Place
several times.

We would be honored to accept your credit card at your location.

The children and adults will be amazed
and entertained!

972 768 2953

Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton Magician, Mica Calfee, performs all over North Texas and beyond.

No Gimmicks. No Funny Costumes.
Just Amazing Magical Comedy Entertainment.

The children will be engaged, challenged, entertained, and involved.

If you want the children to just sit quietly and watch a magic show,
call someone else.
We will have them excited and involved.

Mica is in constant demand as an entertainer for birthday parties, schools,
community events, and
Cub Scout "Blue and Gold" banquets
in North Texas

Honored Member

Texas Assn. of Magicians and
The Society of American Magicians
The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Your children will love Mica and his magic puppet Henry!


Children's magic that adults can love too!

"Judy and Mica, the show was great tonight at the Colleyville Library. Very entertaining!"
- Marc Hearn

Mica's show is a laughing, cheering, high energy show full of amazement, audience participation, and fun.

"The perfect choice for your Blue and Gold banquet."

Honored Member

Texas Assn. of Magicians and
The Society of American Magicians
The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Always Filled with Audience
Interaction and
"Volunteer" Participation!

In Mica's magic shows the audience is part of the fun. Many of the routines have built-in moments where the audience "thinks" that they have figured it out. The children are subtly encouraged to tell Mica where he has messed up. This adds to the fun of the children trying desperately to show him how they have seen through his apparently feeble attempts to trick them. Once Mica does understand what they are trying to tell him, he reveals that there is even more to the trick than anyone could have imagined. Both the children and the adults are always amazed and entertained.

Mica's magic is recommended for children
around age 6 and above.

Mica has been a hit at countless
Cub Scout
Blue & Gold Banquets.

Each of Mica's magic birthday party shows will often include "Balloon Sculptures" afterwards. We recommend this for several reasons.
1. It can be a party favor for the guests to take home.
2. It is more than just balloons. This is almost another show by itself.
3. The fun does not stop once we are gone if there are still things to play with or show to others.

Our goal is to make YOUR event a success and talked about.

Call 972 768 2953
or use our Contact Page.

Mica is the magician often chosen to entertain children in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Frisco, Plano, Highland Village, Colleyville, Southlake and elsewhere.


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