Here are some reviews of their performance at the Society of American Magicians Convention in July 2007.

"Mica and Judy came up just after in true Texas fashion with cowboy hats, western wear, and what every act needs...a bullwhip and a lot of laughs.  They were a big hit with the crowd." - Jeff Lee, past president of the Texas Assn. of Magicians

"Mica and Judy- once again you had them rolling in the aisles. ...Such pro's - soooo funny." - Chuck Lehr, National Secretary, Society of American Magicians.

Mica and Judy have been regular performers at
Six Flags over Texas

Click on the sign above for Six Flags photos.

Here are some photos from a recent performance of "The Shower Curtain of Death" aboard the Carnival cruise ship. "The Elation" for an estimated 1500 people.
(With the assistance of Greg, our
volunteer from the audience.)

Satisfied Clients Include:

  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Ruthe Jackson Center
  • Society of American Magicians Convention 2007
  • G-Texas Catering
  • Old City Park
  • The Westend- Dallas
  • Good Morning Texas (ABC)
  • Good Day Dallas (Fox)
  • Ft. Worth New Year's Eve Celebration 2000
  • Eddie Deens' Ranch, Dallas
  • Screams Halloween Theme Park
  • Funny Bone Comedy Club
  • Taste of Dallas
  • Peppermint Place (PBS TV)

Lewisville, Texas Magician

Flower Mound, Texas Magician

Dallas and Fort Worth Magician

Dallas and Fort Worth Exciting Comedy Bullwhip Show

Dallas and Fort Worth Children's Magician



Coy B. Sevier, General Manager, Southwest
Festivals, Inc.

With Magic, Comedy and a Thrilling Bullwhip Act, Mica and Judy will add another dimension that makes your special occasion something to be remembered and talked about. Involving the audience is their specialty. RIOT ACTS ENTERTAINMENT will help you bring LAUGHTER, FUN, and EXCITEMENT to your special event.

Kristine Serafin, Canal Fest, Las Colinas
Mandalay Canal Merchants Association.

Escapes and Other Variety Entertainment

Click on the photo above for more information
on this "thrilling" bullwhip act.

Ask about our fun Halloween
illusions and show.

(Click on photo for more info.)

Get the most for your money with a variety show we call:

"Eclectic Lite"

"What a great show you did tonight!! VERY GOOD! In fact, I think it was the best show you've ever done, that I've seen. REALLY funny stuff!!" - Carl Jones, Oct 7, 2007

e-clec-tic (E-klek-tik) adj.

  1. Selecting or employing the best individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles.
  2. Made up of or combining the best elements from a variety of sources.

lite (lite) adj.

  1. Not Heavy. Employing less than the standard.
  2. 1/3 fewer calories.
  3. Not really a word.

E-clec-tic Lite (E-klek-tik lite) noun

  1. A performance of magic and amazement.
  2. An event creating laughter and gasps.
  3. A lighthearted, fun and entertaining period of time.

If you are looking for a different type of entertainment consider 'Eclectic Lite' This show combines various skills and talents, as well as a variety of routines. This act is often performed at theme parks or for special occasions where people want to see things they have never seen before. Some of the most amazing tricks are real! You won't believe you eyes. These types of routines are a hit with college students and holiday parties. We can also incorporate juggling and many other forms of entertainment.

Here are just samples of
what you might see!

The Shower Curtain of Death!
A Different kind of Escape Trick! With the help of an audience member Judy is completely bound with ropes. The audience member is then instructed to hold a curtain up in front of himself and Judy. He raises this curtain and moments later he lowers it. Judy remains tied with all the ropes but the jacket worn by the audience member is now ON HER and under the ropes he tied! Together Mica and he untie the ropes to free her and his coat. The audience member is the most amazed. All he knows is the coat came off the instant the curtain was raised. This can be performed surrounded and for those times when men generally do not wear one, a sport coat is provided. A huge hit with audiences.

Larry Garlutzo, Cruise Director for Carnival Elation.

Mica performs some of the most amazing close-up effects that you must see to believe. This type of magic is very popular at parties and other small events.

The sharp loud crack of a bullwhip slicing through the air always gets people's attention. Cringe as Mica slices objects out of the hands and mouth of his fearless assistant, Judy. Did we mention that he does it Blindfolded?

Click on photo for more info and demo.

The "Sino-Spike"
Watch as Mica brings medieval medicine to the 21st century. There is no cure for sinus pressure like a 6 inch spike in the ol' sinus cavity. This act is presented with an emphasis on comedy. There are several "products" that are presented as though we want you to sign up for multi-level marketing. They include: "The Sino-Spike", "The Lingunator" (Weight Loss System) and "Stick-It Pain Management Program."


This show is in demand nationally. Count on years of experience in entertaining audiences. Locally you may have seen them at the Taste of Dallas, the Funny Bone Comedy Club, on Good Morning Texas, Good Day Dallas, and on other various television shows. Whether a private party or a spectacular corporate event, you may book with confidence knowing they have much needed experience to please your guests and make you look good!

STARSHINE Magazine, Dallas Historical Society.

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