Quality, High Energy, Magical Fun.

Usual comments include:
"No Way!"
"I can't believe my eyes!"
"Oh my God!"
"That's amazing!"
"How is that possible?"

Magic at it's best: Up close and personal!

Cards seem to change and vanish before your eyes.

Larry Garlutzo, Cruise Director for Carnival Elation.
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Stop people at your trade show booth with a magician.


Yes, you can afford us!

Amazing Close Up Magic
Make Your Party
Fun and Magical!

Close Up With Cards, Coins &
Mentalism That Will Astound You

Imagine the look on someone's face when they discover that the coin they were holding has vanished from their hand.

"One of the most entertaining
magicians in Texas!"

What is "Close Up" Magic?

This is the term magicians like to use to describe the kind of magic that happens up close and right in front of your eyes.
This is the opposite of "Stage Magic."

This is usually playing cards and coins but can include anything from rubber bands to dental floss to safety pins.

Walk around, close up, magic is a great entertainment option for a large party or reception.

Below are just a few of the many things Mica can do
inches away from your eyes.

  • Mica can make a coin disappear while held in a spectator's hand.
  • Playing cards become objects of amazement.
  • A two dollar bill becomes two one dollar bills, right in front or your eyes.

A Magician you can trust.

We will happily accept your credit cards at your location.

You can count on his years of experience
to entertain and amaze.