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Birthdays- Cruise Ships- Day Cares- Libraries - Six Flags - You name it!

Everyone missed their birthday party last year.
Book now, before the dates fill up, and receive a
$50 discount.
A $280 show for just $230.

No Gimmicks. No Funny Costumes.
Just Amazing Magical Comedy Entertainment.

A favorite for library magic shows.

"It was great having Mica over on Friday...his magic was truly amazing and all my guests including myself were very impressed...Thank you guys again for being a part of my Christmas party this year...looking forward to involving you in all my future parties." Dr. M. Trujillo

Coy B. Sevier, General Manager ,
Southwest Festivals, Inc. (Screams and Scarborough Faire)

Perfect entertainment for
Blue and Gold banquets.

"Wow! That was awesome!
You are the best magician we have ever booked!"


(Child Daycare performance)

A high energy show full of amazement, audience participation, laughter and fun.

We engage the audience!

I would be honored if you would consider me for your magical entertainment.

Call us first! If we can’t provide what you need, we will be happy to tell you who does!

It’s not my goal to “fool” anyone.
I desire to entertain and engage.

Honored Member

Texas Assn. of Magicians and
The Society of American Magicians
The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Inducted into the
Golden Circle
Royal Order of Williard
by the Texas Association or Magicians

The first thing I tell the audience is,
My job is to do things without you knowing how I do it. Your job, as the audience. is to try to figure out how I do it. Then, if you can’t, your job is to applaud like crazy!”

I usually begin by sharing the three rules magicians employ so the audience can’t figure out the trick.
1. Never tell the audience what you are about to do.

2. Never do the same trick twice for the same audience.

3. Never let members of the audience examine your apparatus.

I demonstrate these principles by breaking all the rules:

- I tell them what I am going to do.
- I perform the trick three times.
- I hand out my rope for the audience to look at

Then they applaud like crazy!

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