Feb. 4, 2006

Grand Princess

Instruments and sound system in show room.
All were tossed from the stage to the dance floor.
All the tables and chairs in this room were turned over but the wait staff and bar tender had already set them back up.
They were probably afraid to touch the musical equipment and were waiting for the musicians to do that.
Just seconds after I took this photo people were working on the stage.

Broken glass from object or person striking it. This is in the atrium.
It is a three story drop beneath it.

Here is a photo of one of the pools.
Notice the 2-3ft wall around it. The boat had to tip enough to spill water
from the enclosure designed to prevent this very thing.


Update: It is reported that the Captain was relieved and replaced on Feb. 14, 2006.
We don't know if this was previously scheduled, or if he is just going to a meeting about
the incident or what.

Here are BUNCH of blogs on the subject:

Newspaper report:


Note: A week later, on the way home, we hit a storm that produced over 70kt winds.
This prevented us from docking in Galveston.

All week the video that ran on the ship's TV talked about how the thrusters can maneuver in winds up to 30 knots.

Waiting for the wind to calm down to 40-50kts and then for 4 tug boats, caused us to be hours late in docking and disembarking.

But the food was pretty good...

The magician, juggler and musicians were great.
The stand up comics had plenty of material for the week.
"We are discontinuing the program of letting the passenger with the most cruises drive the ship."
- Jack Wilks